Official media partner Shmee150 travels across Europe to Monaco for 

the 13th edition of the annual luxury car show

For car lovers and enthusiasts of all things fast and furious, YouTube sensation Shmee150 is planning a road trip across Europe to Top Marques Monaco, taking place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco from April 14th to 17th. Shmee150 is the personal brand of Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, who tours the world to seek out the greatest and most exclusive automotive content possible.

Tim, 28, is heading to Monaco for the 13th edition of Top Marques with his Shmeemobile McLaren 675LT and two more cars which will be revealed soon. Tim owns the biggest solely-owned channel in the world, reaching more than 150 million pairs of eyes per month across his network which has more than 5 million followers to date and grows with more than seven new followers a minute.

It will be Tim's fifth visit to Top Marques, Monaco’s premier auto show and the only event in the world where potential clients get to try out the supercar of their dreams on a Grand Prix circuit. Where’s Shmee – Road Trip to Top Marques Monaco tour started last week with the annual Car Freitag event at the Nürburgring in Germany.

Tim will spend four weeks travelling across France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy visiting many different automotive highlights and locations. Half way through the trip, Tim will fly to Portugal for a daytrip to the Estoril race track where he will experience the latest in the supercar world rolling on brand new rubber developed by one of the top tyre manufacturers.

The final leg of Tim’s road trip to Top Marques Monaco will bring him to Maranello where he will experience and show his followers Italian motoring at its best. The final day before the Top Marques show will be one of preparation of what’s to come, a full coverage of the luxury event via the Shmee150 YouTube and social media channels including a highlight tour of the show and experiences with the supercars in the test drive pits.

Tim said before he set off: “Monaco is a wonderful place to be, to meet friends, colleagues and share with them my passion for luxury cars and supercars. Top Marques Monaco is an excellent event to start the season of road trips and car events.”

"As a media partner I will be showing you and my followers the highlights of Top Marques Monaco 2016 and share with them the latest in the world of luxury cars and supercars. Please stay tuned to my YouTube channel and social media channels for what is to come!”

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