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Since its formation in 2007, Danish hypercar specialists Zenvo has established an excellent reputation for offering clients a blend of power, performance and prestige.


Zenvo presents at Top Marques Monaco the TS1 GT as well as the new TSR-S: a crossover between the TS1 GT car and its racetrack-bred sibling, the TSR.

The TSR-S can be seen live in action on the road for the very first time and will be available for test drives on the F1 circuit during the show.


With a production of just five cars a year, Zenvo cars are ultra-rare and collectible.

All models feature an in-house developed 5.8-litre V8 flatplane high revving racing engine with Twin Centrifugal Superchargers, that produces an astonishing 1102+ bhp and revs over 8,000 RPM.


Peter Van Rooy, Marketing Director


+45 61 42 94 67


Zenvo Automotive A/S Rosagervej 15 4720 Præstø Denmark