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Isabelle Arpagian is a Franco-German artist , a recognized and recurring  medalist in France and Germany, and has exhibited worldwide . 

She travels the world creating unique artworks for historical castles, private homes and art collectors.

In 2013 Arpagian was commissioned by a private art collector to design and paint an entire villa in the style of Comfort TIFFANY. 

Her art works art can also be seen in the houses for luxury watchmakers and jewelers :  FABERGE, WEMPE (New York and Beijing) or "Elysées Horlogerie"  on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Faberge, creator of the Russian Faberge eggs, ordered « Empress II »  which is now in a Private art collection in New York.

She also has been working in close collaboration with the famous english photographer Allistair MORRISON, who photographes the world famous actors Tom Cruise, Rupert Evert and the British Royal Family . 

Olivier LAPIDUS the french haute couture fashion designer and Isabelle ARPAGIAN also collaborate in creating future designs for hotels and private homes. 

Isabelle ARPAGIAN newest creations 2 golden eggs ( 24 carat gold) created for the President of Nigeria, Mr Jonathan Goodluck.

She continues to creates exceptional interior decoration world wide and works of arts for the prominate art collectors.


Isabelle Arpagian, decorator


+33 6 19 54 05 22


Les Ouillieres 16240 Courcome FRANCE