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Arash Farboud founded Farboud Limited in 1999. In 2006, the company’s name was changed to Arash Motor Company Ltd.

Arash Motor Company Ltd believes that sports cars should have a distinctive and individual character. Above all they should be exhilarating to drive and to own. Arash holds these beliefs today in launching the new AF8 ensuring the history and heritage of past cars that he has built (Farboud GT, Farboud GTS and AF10) are firmly embedded in the concepts of the AF8’s evolution and to evolve Arash Motor Company’s future.


“Today the ability to define who you are is about what you do and how you conduct your day. It’s also about your background experiences and your beliefs.

Our belief is that you have a choice today for anything you wish and to be as individual as you want – why not with a sports car? Let it be fun, playful and exciting. Let it be a piece of automotive art – something timeless and a great part of your life.

We are a small team with a big belief. We cater for the individual and the most daring. Let me stretch your imagination as far as ours into our car world.” Arash Farboud.


Arash Farboud CEO AMC