If you’ve never had the chance to visit Top Marques Monaco supercar show or enjoyed the last edition so much that you’d like to return, you can now do so thanks to a virtual edition launched today. 

With a simple navigation of the mouse, visitors can wander around the alleys of the world’s most exclusive auto show*, stopping to look closely at the 200+ vehicles without being bothered by the crowds.

Virtual visitors can even ‘climb’ inside some of the exclusive supercars and superboats for a closer look at the interiors, such as the Koenigsegg Gemera, the Ferrari F8 Tributo and the Frauscher 1212 Ghost by Inshore Yacht's. 

Visitors can access all areas of the luxury event, which has zones dedicated to supercars, classic cars, motorbikes, superboats, watches and jewellery. A digital tour also allows visitors to check out the stands of sponsors Airbus Corporate Jets, Dassault Aviation, Rebellion Timepieces, Jutheau Husson, Comte de Monte-Carlo and A Roca as well as the VIP Lounge, decorated by our sponsor Deco-Flamme.

Every stand includes an information icon which provides contact details, images and in some cases, videos of the vehicle or produced on display. 

The virtual edition of Top Marques Monaco has been produced by TAS3D, a marketing company which has already worked with renowned brands such as Sotheby’s, MG, and IKEA. 

To access the virtual edition of Top Marques Monaco, please click HERE


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