An exciting Restomod project that revisits the old styling of a Ferrari 308 through new technology has been unveiled by Italian automobile designers Maggiore.

The project called the “380M” is a reinterpretation of the historic supercar using a Ferrari 308 as a donor car, which has been completely modified both aesthetically as well as mechanically.

The end product, says founder Gianluca Maggiore, is “a car without compromise, that focuses on the pleasure of old-fashioned driving, for enjoyment as well as to drive safely on everyday roads today, and in the future.”

The 380M is Maggiore’s first completed Restomod project, unveiled in Forte dei Marmi earlier this month and confirmed for Top Marques in June 2021.

Each part of the bodywork has been meticulously redesigned and built in carbon fibre, whilst the mechanical parts were either revised or refurbished as new to guarantee a unique driving experience.  The power of the engine was also upgraded in the 380M, as well as the interior which has been completely restyled in keeping with the vintage feel of the Ferrari 308.

The 308M, designed and created by Maggiore, will be produced in limited numbers and each model will be completed following the specifics provided by each client, making each product truly unique.

For more information go to the Maggiore website here.

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