Top Marques Monaco 2019 - Watches & Jewels


Since its foundation in 1991, Jasré has created timeless collections, imbued with dreams and poetry, that embody feminity. Stones with enchanting hues, diamonds selected according to the highest standards, special orders, the house has a diversity of styles in a unique world of creation.

Monaco Legend Group

A 800 square-meters showroom dedicated to auction house & private selling, located in a strategic corner in the Principality of Monaco. You will discover many areas dedicated to different passions, also a collection of approximately forty classic cars are permanently displayed. Next auction July 17th 2019 with exclusive timepieces and jewels.

REBELLION Timepieces

REBELLION Timepieces is one of a kind in the field of Swiss watchmaking. Their passion, perfectionism and performance attitude sparked the company’s inception and continue to push its development. REBELLION Timepieces’s bold design are designed for those who share the same ideals, the asserted individualists, the intense competitors, those passionate about mechanical perfection.


Yvel is an Israeli, award-winning, luxury jewellery brand, recognized worldwide for its distinctive creations featuring nature’s most treasured resources. Founded by Orna and Isaac Levy in 1986, Yvel has a rich history of cultivating fine jewelry.   Rare organic pearls are Yvel’s signature design motif combined with select natural diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Yvel is legendary for its free form designs in which 18k gold is fashioned around the gemstone, caressing it and enhancing its unique beauty.   The magnificent results of the process are the masterpieces handcrafted at the Yvel Design Center by Yvel’s team of skilled artisans. Each and every piece of jewelry is created to be cherished now and treasured for generations to come.

Roger Dubuis

Bold and technically sophisticated   Swiss watch Manufacture Roger Dubuis is governed by an audacious mindset that drives innovation and avant-garde designs. Since its founding in 1995, the Maison has consistently pushed technical boundaries and shown an unswerving commitment to boldly go where no other watchmakers have gone before.