Along with his sons, Carlo Zendrini, Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, has given life to a unique collection of precious jewels, linked to names such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chaumet and Bulgari.
Zendrini has opened stores in Turin, Rome, Porto Cervo and Monte Carlo, and collaborates with the most important Jewellery museums in the world.


Based in Sainte-Croix (Switzerland) with more than 155 years of expertise, REUGE is positioned as the world leading producer of music automaton, that are technically, acoustically and aesthetically superlative. Combining the motion of an automaton with an exquisite sonority offers an unparalleled experience of the senses – and to trigger this emotion is the brand’s quest. Forward-thinking and innovation define REUGE just as much as its respect for traditional craftsmanship. The Brand relentlessly seeks new materials, original themes and ground-breaking acoustics, making way for the beautiful contemporary music boxes of the 21st century. REUGE’s ability to transform inanimate metal into emotion continues to enthrall those who seek a true work of art, reaching beyond fleeting trends.

Laurent Ferrier

In 2009, the idea was to design classical and timeless timepieces, assembled by hand with high-quality materials. As a third-generation watchmaker, Laurent Ferrier has always believed in perpetuating the exceptional nature of Swiss horology. A hallmark of each Laurent Ferrier creation is the harmony he manages to achieve between pure, balanced design inspired by centuries of history and technically avant-garde movements.

De Bethune

Today, Denis Flageollet, co-founder of the brand and master watchmaker, together with CEO Pierre Jacques, are spearheading the future of the company. The pure style, clean lines and delicacy of the cases represent the inimitable hallmark of De Bethune creations. The brand designs, develops and produces all its timepieces within its own Manufacture. Since its foundation, De Bethune has developed no fewer than 29 calibres, presented some 30 world premieres and registered a large number of patents as well as producing 150 one-off pieces.

Ludovic Ballouard

Created in 2009, Ludovic Ballourd’s workshop offers a subtle yet formal approach in the poetic country side of Geneva, Switzerland. The Upside Down and the Half Time invites us to stop, to observe, contemplate and question the world and its relationship to time.


Nowadays, this almost bicentennial brand remains one of the few independent, family-owned and – run watch companies in existence. With a completely integrated manufacture, H. Moser & Cie. is able to ensure that every hand-made watch corresponds to the values of the brand. From designing and producing our very own, in-house mechanical movements, to the intricate reshaping and hardening of each individual hairspring, the resulting watches are true works of art.

XRby Luxury Art Watch

“Last month Xavier Rousset, a former dial maker introduced XRby The Art Watch, a new brand thats plans to produce métiers d’art mechanical watches in collaboration with artisans. Propective buyers willable to view high definition computer generated renditions of a proposed wtach design on the XRby website, and then place orders.

His firts model, the XRby Rose Saneuil, features abrightly colored quetzal in a marquetery of wood and leather on its dial. « These are know-hows that people care about and must be preserved » Mr Rousset said. « We are doing just that by putting the craftsman back at the heart og watchmaking » ”

By Nazanin Lankarani, New York Times, Nov. 2020

Greubel Forsey

Since its creation, Greubel Forsey has imagined, patented and created seven Fundamental Inventions that have radically changed the world of Fine Watchmaking. Precision and reliability are at the heart of their approach, coming to life in disruptive watchmaking compositions that reach an unequal level of finishing. Everything begins with an idea, an intuition. A vision: that of being able to do better – more precise, more accurate, more innovative. Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey carry on the tradition of the watchmaker in movement, as are their timepieces. From the drawing board to the first prototype, there is one single requirement: delivering an unprecedented watchmaking emotion.

Wil Le Cher

Discover the world of Wil Le Cher, a beautiful high-end French jewelry house founded on the French Riviera, first in Mougins, then in Cannes. Wil Le Cher has the craftsmanship necessary to provide magnificence, timelessness, elegance, refinement, original collections, which mixes magic, dreams, and high quality.

Born in the prestigious Ecole Boulle in Paris Wil and Béa share the same values driven by passion and love.

Their international experiences brought them expertise in all areas of fine jewelry such as watchmaking and an unparalleled open-mindedness. They craft exquisite tailor-made pieces, unconstrained, for you.


ART IN TIME is a unique concept in watchmaking: gathering manufactures not through the genre of the watch, the type or the style, but by the affinity of values.

These values gather around a foundation that is shared by all manufacturers which are independence, creativity and exclusivity.

In Monaco, the first art gallery dedicated to the measure of time in this area of the world has been created: ART IN TIME.

With a great spot in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, its mission is to offer nothing but the best of watchmaking, with a range of manufactures that complete each other.

BOVET 1822

From our origins at The Château de Môtiers to acquiring Dimier 1738, BOVET’s master craftsmen unite under one roof with the entire range of skills required for the various stages of developing and producing Haute Horlogerie movements, including the rarest and most demanding in terms of expertise. We continue to train new generations of skilled crafts apprentices who continue to incorporate modern technology and precision to traditional craftsmanship.

Chopard L.U.C

L.U.C watches epitomize the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking. All of the steps involved in crafting L.U.C watches are performed at Chopard's Geneva and Fleurier workshops. These exceptional watches for men, the product of meticulous workmanship, meet the aspirations of the modern gentleman. Discover all our swiss luxury watches for men collections: Elegance, Complications, Grand Complications and Heritage watches collection.


By combining history and avant-garde technology, fine craftsmanship and traditional expertise, the technicians and craftsmen of chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud give rise to exceptional watches. A timepiece emerging from our workshops is the result of several years of design and many months of meticulous production. The greatest care is taken in the crafting and finishing of all its components, whose beauty reflects the perfection of the movement driving them.


Based in Delémont, in the Swiss Jura, l’Epée 1839 is a swiss Manufacture specializing in the design and production of high-end mechanical clocks – an Art it has been perpetuating for over 180 years. All our timepieces are designed or co-designed, engineered and Manufactured in-house, from the development to the assembly. The Manufacture is gathering under one roof a broad range of “métiers” and craftsmen. Talented teams of designers, engineers, mechanics and watchmakers are working together to continue l’Epée’s quest of perfection and its engagement to surprise with incredible creations. The technical prowess, combination of Form and Function, very long power reserves, remarkable finishes mixed with a twist of humor and a huge attention to details have become signature features of the brand.


MB&F is an artistic concept laboratory based around a simple idea: to assemble collectives of independent watchmaking professionals to develop radical watches - Horological or Legacy Machines. Respecting tradition, but never constrained by it, MB&F reinterpret traditional, high-quality watchmaking into three-dimensional kinetic sculptures.


REBELLION Timepieces is one of a kind in the field of Swiss watchmaking.

Their passion, perfectionism and performance attitude sparked the company’s inception and continue to push its development.

REBELLION Timepieces’s bold design are designed for those who share the same ideals, the asserted individualists, the intense competitors, those passionate about mechanical perfection.


Benoît Mintiens, our founder and creative mind, is an industrial designer and his approach to fine-watchmaking is entirely fresh and undeniably contemporary.RESSENCE’s starting point is the deconstruction of the traditional watch in order to express Time in the purest possible way. Our original concept is to replace the conventional horological hands with rotating discs for an intuitive reading of the Time. To realise the innovative ideas behind a RESSENCE watch requires a superlative attention to detail and craftsmanship. We work with a dedicated atelier in Switzerland - the benchmark of excellence - to produce our watches.