MS MOTORS offers three activities: Buying, Selling and Customizing. It is also :

– Personalized service throughout the sale.

– A custom service offering tailor-made vehicles, with personalization and transformation.

– Proposals of vehicles as soon as they are released as well as exclusive custom accessories.

Madness Makers

We are creators of art furniture based on mechanical parts.
Aware of the near end of the mechanical era, and touched by this fact, Damien Brückert decided to immortalize exceptional mechanical parts through unique works.
Imagining and creating decorative furniture. By integrating prestigious mechanical elements. All with a sophisticated design.
The tables, chairs, desks, call boxes and other professional furniture will be works of art that you will be proud of and that will make your interior and exterior spaces incomparable.



Racing is our true passion. We are proud to be preserving Italian racing spirits by pushing the limits in every competition and raising the bar in every research & development.

HORUS is the pinnacle of SCARA73 engineering that accentuates the 4C on handling, power, and lightness. Entire body in carbon fiber. Suspension reinforced. Engine is blessed with SCARA73 race-spec parts. This 769kg rocket packing a punch of 335hp 515Nm. Capable of 0-100 in 3.05s and 306km/h v-max.

This is the evolution of 4C into its ultimate form. Every aspect refined and enhanced to bring the purest connection between driver and machine.


Come and discover and try out our range of exceptional Jaguar - Land Rover vehicles :
Bac Monaco
17 Avenue des Castelans
98000 Monaco


LRS Formula gives you acces to the exceptionnal world of Formula 1 by offering you quality driving experiences that will allow you to step into the shoes of a Formula 1 driver


WINFIELD is the only racing school in the world that allows people with no track experience to drive a real modern Formula 1 car, operated by an official F1 team.

Thanks to its expertise and its outstanding facilities at the heart of the Circuit Paul Ricard, Winfield offers today, with the F1 Driving Experience, the most immersive and exclusive program in Motorsport.

Being an F1 driver for a day: a breathtaking and once-in-a-life time experience. After this day, you will never watch a Grand Prix the same way again!

Program available for individuals or corporates.

Lafayette Racing

Steadily and with a steely determination, Michel Disdier has established himself in the world of NASCAR. After climbing the ladder in the Canadian Tire Series and the ARCA series, the Nice born driver competed in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Daytona in 2014 & 2016 with a top 10 finish!
He now feels he is ready to jump to the top step.

L2 Concept

Ideas become reality when makers take the tools, shape raw materials, and connect electronics to augment a sensorial object that generates emotions, in and around us. Investors and partners will be enthusiastic to catch the next steps and move further towards the future with L2 concept and Factory Unit Cobra Tribute.

Tedson Motors

Tedson Motors, société automobile croate de haute technologie, propose une édition inédite de la Porsche 964, donnant ainsi au marché une perspective complètement différente des restomods sur mesure de la Porsche 911. 

 Tedson Motors remasterise l'emblématique 911 sous le nom de code Daydream dans le cadre d’une perspective contemporaine de la 964 en termes de design, de technologie et de performances. Les résultats sont fascinants !

En plus d'un design progressif et de performances de supercar, le projet Daydream se décline en outre dans une variété de transmissions, avec une unité de combustion d'origine optimisée, une technologie de performance hybride et une transmission entièrement électrique, le tout en fonction des préférences de chaque client et des styles de conduite

Picasso Automotive

Picasso Automotive is a Swiss independent manufacturer established in 2020 in San Vittore (CH). Their first model is a very limited supercar (21 units only) with full carbon fiber chassis and body, weighing just 980 kg. It’s powered by a specifically conceived twin turbo 3.0l V6 engine with an outstanding performance (660 CV), and its state of the art aerodynamics develops 960 kg of downforce at top speed (315 km/h). The final design, alongside naming and pricing, will be revealed at Top Marques Monaco 2022, when the order collection will be officially opened with production and deliveries planned in mid-2023.

DEUS Automobiles

DEUS Automobiles - established in Vienna - stands out in the increasingly competitive hypercar sector by offering its fresh and objective vision and innovative concepts in terms of luxury, performance, and exclusivity. 

Vayanne is its first 2,250 horsepower electric hypercar: developed together with Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering, Vayanne blends outstanding performance figures with maximum daily usability for its class.


Exclusive and official RAM retailer in Menton.
CLG Motors Menton sells new & certified used cars and also provide after-sales services.

Discover our RAM 1500 Limited.


Exclusive and official Morgan retailer in Principauté.
CLG Motors Monaco sells new & certified used cars and also provide after-sales services.

Discover our range made up of : Plus 4, Plus 6 and the new Super 3.

Automobili Maggiore

MAGGIORE S.r.l. operates in the field of the creation of unique or limited series vehicles, conceived using special methods to allow for the greatest scope for personalization and the allure that industrial products can no longer convey.

Our first work, the Project M, is a limited series full carbon fiber reinterpretation of the Ferrari 308 and it is a genuine “tribute”, not in the sense of nostalgia but rather giving new life to cars that in time might have been relegated to museums or closed in the garages of collectors.

The donor car has been completely modified both aesthetically as well as mechanically, using the latest technology and the best partners and suppliers to have an incredible mix of performance and sophisticated Design

The research into the materials and colors to use was carried out by the Studio Stefan Scholten, a Design studio based in Amsterdam with many Italian influences. It was precisely this union of modern Northern European design commingling with Italian culture and Mediterranean styles that inspired us to choose this studio as partner for the development of this project.

Cool Design, Heritage, Lightweight, Performance…Driving pleasure is guaranteed!

Aznom Automotive

A car is not just a vehicle: for many it is a dream, a symbol, an expression of the personality of its owner.
Aznom Automotive works to create bespoke cars according to customers’ wishes. For more than 15 years, we work in this sector with competence and passion.

Toys For Boys is an Aznom spin-off specialising in the conversion of iconic cars from recent automotive history into electric. The cars on offer, in perfect Aznom style, can be customised by the customer to create a unique and personal item.


Alpine is the embodiment of French motorsport. The brand has built its reputation on memorable victories, won throughout its history. Alpine has built its success on three principles: lightness, agility and the spirit of competition. The result is an exhilarating driving experience for everyone, every day.


The Slovenian manufacturer builds exclusive, race-bred hypercars. Equipped with the in-house developed electric drivetrain, the key focus is low-weight and the pure 1:1 power to weight ratio. Tushek cars are renowned for their agile handling on and off track, combined with an utmost dedication to the quality of construction.

Founded in 2008 by Aljosa Tušek, the Slovenian racing champion, the company hails its commitment to the purpose of building the ultimate driver’s car. All Tushek cars are produced on limited series only, with a high degree of customer personalization options (limited to parts not affecting performance – to preserve company’s core philosophy).


What does a driver feel driving a single-seater?

You are about to find it out with the Pambuffetti “PJ-01”. The first Italian HyperCar with a set-up inspired by the current Formula 1, to have the same sensations on the track and on the road, starting with the driver's seat, designed for comfort that until now was reserved only to champions. Complete and complex aerodynamics, with a real front wing, for a total immersion in the flows. The rough, deep voice of the over 720 hp ten-cylinder, the lightness and stiffness of the steel and carbon body, a weight-to-power ratio of 1.3 kg / hp and a running weight of 1089 kg are just some of the features that make PJ-01 a real single-seater on the road.


Rebellion motors is a prestigious garage located near Lausanne in Switzerland. We are qualified to take care of modern, classic and racing vehicles, whatever their make or origin.

The classic department of Rebellion Motors takes special care of old cars: from the search for parts, to the renovation of the bodywork and upholstery in our dedicated workshops, to the complete restoration according to the wishes of our clients.

Ertex Luxury Car Design

Ertex Luxury Car Design has been operating in Turkey since 1989. It is the most experienced design firm in the local market. The head office is located in Ankara. It has showrooms in Istanbul, Dusseldorf and Doha. Our aim is to provide an efficient and enjoyable journey. 


Welcome to the future. Your personal aircraft in aluminium and carbon fibre, powered with eight powerful electric motors. The Jetson is a Formula 1 car for the sky and is incredibly fun to fly. Start and land anywhere you want. Make your garden or terrace your private airport.


ABSOLUT CARS CONSULTING is the exclusive and official dealer of the ASPARK brand for France, Monaco, Luxembourg and Belgium since 2020.

ABSOLUT CARS CONSULTING is the specialist of Hypercars and Supercars since 2009.
We propose you the personalized research on request, import and export in Europe and in the world in all confidentiality.

GENTY Automobile / Akylone

SA Genty Automobile a new French car manufacturer of luxury is presenting AKYLONE.

Harmonious lines enhanced by its exceptional finish make it an heir of prestigious French craftmanship. Subtile alchemy between uncompromising performances (1200 hp for 1280 kg) and the emotion of a true piece of art.

Ultra-limited edition of 25 cars

© Benoist Girard 

3D Beta


You’ve spent time getting your home just as you like it.

Now your passions deserve the same.

Our mission is to create your own bespoke, sensual, hand-crafted ultimate garage fittings.

3D Beta garage fittings: make getting dirty worth it!

ProTech Monte-Carlo

For more than 30 years, ProTech Monte-Carlo has been the specialist in high-end aesthetic treatments for the automotive industry and offers state-of-the-art services in its spas for cars.

ProTech Monte-Carlo's services include :

- Treatment and renovation of painted surfaces

- Transparent protective film

- Installation of tinted windows

- Car wrapping

- Careful cleaning by hand

- Maintenance of interiors and leathers.

Stars Monte Carlo – Dallara


Official and exclusive dealer of Dallara Stradale in the Principality and the South of France, certified Xpel PPF Installer, representative of Techart, MyBeTrack, Rizoma, Stilo, Rebellion. Stars is able to propose to you new and pre-owned prestigious vehicles of all brands and any car related services.

Stars organizes exclusive track days and automotive events.


In exclusivity, the presentation of the D50, a limited edition of the Dallara Stradale designed for the 50th anniversary of the brand.


Aston Martin Monaco

Exclusive and official distributor in the Principality, Aston Martin Monaco offers you the sale of new and used vehicles as well as the maintenance of your car in our certified workshop.

Discover this year our novelty, the DBX707, the most powerful SUV on the market. And in preview the Valhalla, the brand's hybrid hypercar.



Your Audi Monaco partner, Segond Automobiles Group welcomes you to the Principality and offers you a wide range of urban, sports, hybrid and 100% electric vehicles. 

A fascinating electric sedan with exceptional finishes: The Audi e-tron GT is a true demonstration of the avant-garde spirit that drives Audi. The sculptural design of the body embodies 100% electric power and performance.

 The Audi Monaco sales team is at your disposal to answer your questions and introduce you to the Audi range. We look forward to seeing you.


Official and exclusive dealer for the Principality, Bentley Monaco can propose to you new and pre-owned vehicles and services in our workshop, certified by Bentley.

The actual range is composed of the different versions of the Continental GT Speed, the Bentayga, and the Flying Spur.


BRABUS has been developing and building high-performance supercars for more than 40 years and transform vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz brand into stylish unique vehicles – made in Germany. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the globe and an owner-led company to this day. 

Over four decades, BRABUS in a sense mirrored the performance of every BRABUS engine: There is a mighty push forward and that push keeps going and going. Ever new models. More displacement, horsepower, torque. More and more innovation. More interior appointments, more safety, more eco-friendliness. More exclusivity. And more and more records.


Bugatti and the Segond Automobiles Group have signed a new partnership at the start of 2022. We are happy and proud to welcome you to one of the most sought-after locations in Europe, nestled among luxury boutiques and surrounded by nearly a century of motor racing history.

 After the CHIRON and CHIRON Sport, the CHIRON Pur Sport showed the ferocious personality of a hyper sports car made for corners and lateral agility. Now, with the CHIRON Super Sport, we are following our long tradition of combining extreme high speed with absolute luxury, to offer a whole new dimension of the BUGATTI experience.


DEVINCI is a French car manufacturer founded in 2017 by Jean-Philippe Dayraut, a professional racing driver and artist. 

Producing exceptional electric vehicles inspired by neo-retro cars with timeless lines, the brand will be present at TOP MARQUES 2020. 

We will exhibit our famous models and as well our lastest creation “Eugénie l’Absolue”.

Come and visit the DEVINCI stand and discover all these masterpieces produced in limited quantities.



Official and exclusive dealer for the Principality, Scuderia Monte-Carlo is able to propose you new and pre-owned vehicles and service in our workshop, certified by Ferrari.

Discover the actual range composed with the Portofino M, 296 GTB, SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider and the Ferrari Roma.


”The beginning of my thought process was to reflect upon a system of furniture which in its DNA would be close to designing a luxurious living room rather than a standard garage product.”
Rémy Bouhaniche, designer of INTEAM furniture system

Discover the INTEAM™ premium layout system for your home’s garage.

This furniture will transform your garage in a welcoming and aesthetic room. A genuine living place with adjustable and customizable furnitures and spaces made to meet your wishes and needs.

Designed for you, luxury and vintage cars enthusiast, who is looking for design, technology and conviviality, the INTEAM™ concept will sublimate your car and will extend the pleasure it gives you.

Its innovative proposition, the high quality of its products and the passion shared with its customers make INTEAM™ a unique brand in its field.

INTEAM™, a whole team mobilized to create your project.

Lamborghini Monaco

Official Lamborghini dealer in Monaco, the sales team dedicated to the brand offers you an exclusive service.

From the purchase phase to the maintenance of your vehicle, you are supervised and guided for a fully personalized Lamborghini experience.

McLaren Monaco

Official and exclusive dealer for the Principality, McLaren Monaco is able to propose you new and pre-owned vehicles and service in our workshop, certified by McLaren.

Discover our new first hydride supercar, the Mclaren Artura, here on the show in MSO version.


Official and exclusive dealer for the Principality, SAMGF Monaco is able to propose you new and pre-owned vehicles and service in our workshop, certified by Mercedes-Benz.

Discover the last hybrids new models and 100% electric as the new SUV 7 seats EQB or the new sedan EQS. Discover also the total new SL 63 AMG.


A revolution in automotive performance, design and technical collaboration is revealed with the Pininfarina Battista, the world’s first luxury electric hyper performance GT.  Delivering on a long-held Pininfarina family dream and a new target of zero emissions with extreme power, the Battista is the first solely Pininfarina-badged car and delivers unprecedented performance. Distributed soon by Monaco Luxury Group in Monaco.



Porsche Taycan : This full electric sedan surprise with its futuristic and sporty design. Already available in 4 versions (base, 4S, Turbo and Turbo S) and an off-road version: the Cross Turismo. The latest one, the Sport Turismo GTS will be introduced in exclusivity on the Top Marques Show.


Official and exclusive dealer for the Principality, Rolls-Royce Monaco is able to propose you new and pre-owned vehicles and service in our workshop, certified by Rolls-Royce.

Discover the Black Badge Cullinan and the New Ghost.


Official and exclusive dealer for the Principality, smart SAMGF Monaco is able to propose you new and pre-owned vehicles and service in our workshop, certified by smart.

Discover the actual smart fortwo EQ 100% electric.


Exclusive and official Maserati retailer in Principauté.
CLG Motors Monaco sells new & certified used cars and also provide after-sales services.

Discover the exclusive new SUV Grecale in its most powerful version (Trofeo) and the supercar MC20.

3 GJB 17

In limited series or in unique, signed and numbered pieces, Jérôme Bienvenu's creations propose a new decorative art, which marries luxury automobiles and high-end cabinet making. Marketed under the brand name 3 GJB 17, these works of art find their place among art lovers, motorsport enthusiasts, luxury automobiles and aesthetes from all walks of life.