Esurf is the most advanced water toy ever produced. Developed in Monaco Combining revolutionary technology & experienced engineering team the product is designed to fit all type of riders experiences.
Using its unique accessories the product can be transformed into 2 other water activities visit our website to discover more about it.

Narke Jet Ltd

The world’s most elegant personal watercraft.

Narke The Electrojet reaches way above industry standards. Designed with luxury features, it is a high-spec water toy powered by 100% electricity. With its revolutionary and unique design it belongs to a new generation.

A generation, that cares about the planet in style.


BRABUS Marine is the result of the cutting-edge alliance between two of the most renowned companies in their respective genres. Bringing together the award-winning Finnish boat builder Axopar Boats and the long-established, high-performance luxury automotive car producer BRABUS.

Where Scandinavian design meets German engineering.

BRABUS Marine is devoted to redefine luxury day boating through building and developing ultra-exclusive, supremely exciting boats; the result of two companies united in the extreme.


Outstanding performance, power and superior acceleration, together with easy handling and best in class drivability, forms the core of a BRABUS Shadow product.



A design straight out of the pages of science fiction.
To enable you to discover performances never attained on the water in full safety.
An accumulation of new technologies to take you to a new dimension.

Designed to exceed 250 km/h and reach Calvi in less than an hour (a record will be set).

X Shore

Following a successful launch in 2019, X Shore the luxury Swedish electric boat is back at Top Marques with a brand-new exclusive model the Eelord 6000.

The Eelord 6000 is the perfect toy for this summer: equipped with a modular system allowing exclusive customers to design their craft.

This multiple award winning  boat is equipped with an engine topping 500 horse power, 120 kWh lithium-ion batteries and capable of speeds up to 40 knots.

Konrad Bergström the famous Swedish entrepreneur behind Marshall headphones will also be present this year to introduce the Eelord 6000 for the first time in Monaco.


While most Ghosts stay invisible the new Frauscher 1212 Ghost enthuses with an evolution of the Frauscher design language that is both bold and beautiful. Along with other Frauscher models the 1212 Ghost features distinctive elements like the huge teak deck, frameless and tinted windscreen as well a straight bow design – for a maximum of space and comfort. The side air intakes are further developed and give the side profile a very distinctive look. The back features a swooping design framing the generous teak bathing platform in spectacular fashion.