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The history of URWERK has its origins far from Geneva, in the town of Ur in Mesopotamia. In 6000 BC its inhabitants, the Sumerians, defined the first unit of time on the basis of a rhythm of 12 equal periods, by observing the shadow thrown by the sun on their buildings. This laid the foundations of time measurement, as we know it today.

In the meantime, the history of watchmaking has been in a state of perpetual evolution and change. Master-watchmakers have made great efforts to ensure its continued evolution, through their eagerness to create the perfect mechanism, worthy of reflecting the passage of one of our most precious assets, time.

This long-term undertaking is symbolized in the German language by the term werk. This word single-handedly represents all the persistence and pugnacity of these craftsmen who, at their workbenches, forged what we now call Haute Horlogerie.

URWERK embodies the essence of this illustrious heritage.


Yohann Martinez, Directeur Ajoint


+377 93 15 00 00


Galerie Art in Time, One Monte Carlo, Place du Casino, 98000 Monaco