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nanoFlowcell Holdings is a leading research and development company for modern flow cell energy products. 

Applying a holistic and integrated approach to applications engineering, the company has developed the world’s first flow cell powered electric vehicles – QUANT 48VOLT and QUANTiNO 48VOLT – both demonstrating the powerful performance of nanoFlowcell’s innovative battery technology.

The nanoFlowcell® flow cell technology gives QUANT electric cars comfortable driving range without loss in convenience or safety, sports performance without harmful emissions, and environmental sustainability without sacrificing social justice.

nanoFlowcell® is the new energy with the power to transform road, air, sea and rail mobility, pushing forward the global regenerative energy revolution.


Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO & CTO


+41 (44) 586 26 63


Böndlerstrasse 10 CH-8802 Kilchberg