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”The beginning of my thought process was to reflect upon a system of furniture which in its DNA would be close to designing a luxurious living room rather than a standard garage product.”
Rémy Bouhaniche, designer of INTEAM furniture system

Discover the INTEAM™ premium layout system for your home’s garage.

This furniture will transform your garage in a welcoming and aesthetic room. A genuine living place with adjustable and customizable furnitures and spaces made to meet your wishes and needs.

Designed for you, luxury and vintage cars enthusiast, who is looking for design, technology and conviviality, the INTEAM™ concept will sublimate your car and will extend the pleasure it gives you.

Its innovative proposition, the high quality of its products and the passion shared with its customers make INTEAM™ a unique brand in its field.

INTEAM™, a whole team mobilized to create your project.


Sylvain Masson, General manager


+33 6 07 08 13 42, +33 4 77 22 04 96


54 Rue Victor Hugo, 42400 Saint-Chamond, France