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STARS.MC – DALLARA STRADALE AMBASSADOR STARS.MC, Dallara Stradale Ambassador, official and exclusive distributor in the Principality, Corsica and PACA Region, offers new & used vehicles as well as maintenance and events on and off the circuit. Dallara, a world-renowned car manufacturer, both for the construction of carbon fibre Racing chassis and the development of road hyper-cars, has put all its know-how into an exceptional car, the Stradale, of 850 KG, with 400 horsepower, providing 820 KG of down-force at 280km/h, accelerating from 0 to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds. A test with Johnny Cecotto as pilot will close the debate.


Johnny CECOTTO, Owner


+377 92 000 999


57, Rue Grimaldi, Le Panorama, 98000 Monaco